Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Weigh in on Weigh-Ins

How often should you weigh yourself?

In my experience, there have been a few philosophies around weigh-ins. I’ve belonged to weight-loss support groups that relied on the weekly weigh-in. Recently I read again that daily weigh-ins are the best. I have tried that in the past and that wasn’t my experience.

When I came to seriously changing my approach to the food issue in my life, I settled in on a weekly date with the weigh scale.

FYI – I kept a chart of my weight on the fridge side to be openly accountable. (Mind you, I didn’t lead people to read that chart, there is a limit to how open I can be.)

That weekly measure worked to give me guidance. Then I decided that the constant weigh-ins gave rise to anxiety and doubting myself – another facet of dysfunctional eating which was the very thing I wished to eliminate. Consequentially, I hatched the plan that I would check my weight on my birthday (end of August) and Christmas day. If I kept sane around my eating these dates would prove it. I haven’t kept this plan perfectly but in my more or less fashion I have found it to be a decent approach.

Now I’m weighing myself more often again. Recently I’ve adopted the concepts revealed to me by the book “Never Binge Again”. This, I feel, is the final clearing away of dysfunction around me and food that comes close to the 11th anniversary of setting the goal to do so.

Right now, I admit that I love how the scale shows my weight loss. It’s not big numbers but enough that it reinforces the rightness of my actions around food, now that my food plan and brain are on the right track. I’m not above using the scale to support that. Eventually I expect the decision to weigh myself or not to be a very neutral choice.

At some point I should ask someone who isn’t concerned about their weight aka weight obsessed, how often they weigh themselves. Someone who has never approached the scale like it were a confessional, or had their attitude encouraged by the number that appears.

Why do I think this will have to be a man or some woman who falls into a miniscule percentage group? I’ve seldom discussed weight issues with anyone but women. It is something that we do talk about quite a bit but the topic doesn’t seem to come up with men. Weigh-ins, food plans, or diets all seem to be female preoccupations although I’m sure this isn’t the whole truth. If I asked you how often you weigh yourself what would your answer be?

A February thaw created this icicle laden bush.

Monday, February 11, 2019

Garden Shot

Another Newfoundland moment where I pondered the unusual way to hill potatoes. Eventually I understood that the soil had been gathered into the ridge just so there would be enough to plant. They don't call Newfoundland 'the rock' for nothing. There isn't enough top soil to simply plant a garden as we do.

Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Nothing Wrong With That

Here are some notes from a few years back.

I seldom take the time to simply enjoy the act of writing. Right now, I feel the pleasure of watching the words appear, hearing the pen sound and feeling paper under my fingers on the pen. I am product focus. The filling of the pages. The gem that has emerged but that is enjoyment with a big nod to achieving something. There is nothing wrong with that.

I wonder if I am still the same person as when I wrote this mini-essay. There is such value in being in the moment, of recognizing where you are, what you are doing and paying attention to the pleasures of your life. I’m starting to appreciate more states of being and activities that aren’t necessarily productive but I still like it best when I accomplish something. I repeat.
Part of a trail used by many.
There is nothing wrong with that.

Monday, February 4, 2019

Sunday, February 3, 2019

Short Story Accepted for Publication

Usually I post links to my published stories on I-Write but for those of you who only follow Sixty Plus, I'm linking from here to Silence in the Morning. The good folks at Pif Magazine have put together their February issue and it includes my story. Go to Macro Fiction.