Tuesday, September 10, 2019

All Things Come to an End

I've been blogging at this sight for five years now. It's been a blast. It's been good exercise for this writer. I've been honored with almost 30,000 views, many of them from loyal friends. Thank you for following me on this journey.
So now, it's farewell to Sixty Plus posts.
Hello to something more often at I Write - publication links and other bits and Facebook in some form or another.
One last favorite picture.

Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Sleep Like a Baby?

Who wants to sleep like a baby?  I want to sleep like a teenager.  Or like a young mother.  Those were the times in my life when I could sleep.  I would fall asleep easily, stay asleep (unless the baby woke up) and I slept soundly. 

I’ve found that my best sleep occurs when I am happily tired at the end of a satisfying day. This is something that is worth my while pursuing every day, even if I wasn’t after a good night’s rest.  I aim for a combination of resilience and optimism to help me function well, which helps me sleep well, which helps me function well. 

But like anyone, that is the ideal and not the average.  Sometimes, I simply have to manage the intensity and duration of my dissatisfaction.  However, in my sixties, despite some sleeping issues, I can wake up and choose to be in a good mood.  I couldn’t do that ‘in the day.’  If that is a trade-off, I’m glad to make it.
Sleepy? Or just tired?

Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Fluid Transitions

When something is chronic it means that it is a lifetime deal. It can be minor, it can be a huge issue but it is not going away. There is a mental adjustment to accept this fact, which can be minor or it can be a huge issue too.

My Lymphedema is a chronic condition. It requires a form of management that has to be integrated into each day. Compliance requires more than simply wearing my garments; there is the issue of weight control, regular exercise of the ordinary type as well as specialty exercises specific to my condition. The list goes on.

Another chronic condition is my procrastination. Fortunately, I’ve brought my full-blown infamous tendencies into something more in the normal range. I am both studious and disciplined person but I’m suspicious that I’ve trained myself to be this way because of my chronic conditions.

How does this relate to blogging, you might ask? Well, today it means that I turn to one of my notes and bring forth an essay. The note – What chronic procrastinators need to cultivate is a more natural, more fluid transition from mental activity to physical activity, so that an appropriate amount of time gets allotted to each phase. Aka – Isn’t that an interesting thought? How can I use that idea? I can write an essay. I can write it now. 

Wednesday, August 21, 2019


I only give a slight nod to dreams. They are to me, similar to reading your horoscope. Something of it might make a bit of sense. Okay. Moving on. No need to analyze this.

The other night I had a dream that weirdly analyzed itself. I dreamt that I had two dreams that were very similar. In my dream the dreams had occurred two nights in a row. At which point, I woke (in my dream) and pondered the importance of these ‘recurring’ dreams. This must mean something, my dreaming self said.
Then I woke up for real, shook my head and said okay, moving on. No need to analyze this.

Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Motive Search

It’s a nasty habit to be always looking for the motive behind actions. People do what they do. I don’t always know my motives, sometimes I don’t even have any. It stands to reason that is true of others as well. Sometimes I am vulnerable to tone, or I wonder what is behind another’s actions or words.
Not a good thing.  I’m learning to think differently because nothing good has ever come out of my suspicions. In fact, I’ve created problems where there wasn’t any. Better idea by far to separate the facts from the interpretations. Or to use fictional ideas in fiction.

I recently thought of this. A rock is just a rock but if you want to turn it over, you’re bound to find a whole world on its underbelly. But what business is that of yours?