Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Travel Inspired Fiction Notes

There is a pyramid shaped house in Atlin, built by a man whose unique belief concerning energy flow and receptivity, culminated in the structure. 
His life, for he is long now dead, contains only the odd shape of his house to set him apart. Also this one big question. Did he still believe when he was no richer or healthier or luckier than anyone else?

The house is owned now by a young couple who laugh at the odd shape of their home. They work with it, they’ll tell you, and point out the lamp hung to provide lighting for a reading corner, or unique arrangement of freestanding cupboards made necessary by the slanted walls. It’s a game for them, but it must have taken considerable time to become accustomed to it. The most positive thing about the house is that it is well photographed by the tourists. 
There’s a picture of it in the eateries, just in case a tourist has missed it. 


Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Time Budget?

Some advice seems to be sound but it doesn’t resonate with me. Here’s an example – Create a Time Budget. It goes on; review your overall schedule and assign a specific time frame to each task.

Are you kidding? My life post retirement has a very fluid overall schedule. Certainly, there are some constants, laundry on Monday, meals to prepare three times a day and we have some routines such as going to town for the mail on Tuesday and Friday but other than that, it’s random. Add in a second retiree in the house and the randomness doubles.

The advice that makes more sense to me is to have a list of goals that become the ‘pick-up’ activities when the time opens up. Time Budgets may have their place but I’m not seeing this as something I will use. At least not presently.

A wide open sky on a wide open day.