Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Curtain Call

My desire to blog has diminished and so Sixty Plus will be put to bed.  I’m glad that I blogged for the last three years and I certainly enjoyed having an audience for my essays.  I set out to pay attention to my ordinary life and to appreciate the small things.  I believe that life is good and I blogged to that end. While I blogged I also explained things so that I would know them myself. 

I found that writing the essays for Sixty Plus kept the words flowing during times when I was uninspired by fiction.  But that was then and the now is different.   It is time for my writing life to focus on fiction.

During the time that I actively blogged at Sixty Plus, I proved to myself that I could generate content and garner an audience. To date I have had over 30,000 page views with my three blogs, the majority being at Sixty Plus.  I thank you for your interest and support.  It’s been great.  But it’s done.  Good bye from me here, but I Write will be updated with news of my fiction writing world. 

Monday, December 18, 2017

An Experiment

Last night I was awake for a while in the middle of the night.  The old brain was busy with a recent concern and sleep was somewhere else.  There is some value to middle of the night insights, but there is a lot more value to the thoughts that come from a rested brain.  I knew I had to get back to sleep.  So I combined the two ideas.  I told myself that I would receive a message in my dreams that would help with my problem.  Voila!  I went to sleep and I received a couple of images to consider.  Now I have to consider them.  Easier said than done, but at least I got more rest before morning. 

Friday, December 15, 2017

The Sewing Machine

I had the idea that I would make my back bedroom into my novel writing home.  The room has a single bed that has been used by guests perhaps twice, my sewing supplies and some of the paper files associated with marketing my short stories which I tucked into a file.  I do the odd bit of sewing for myself, mostly things like hemming or creative recycle project.  Sometimes I do a little recreational mending for my friends, in fact I had one T-shirt that needed shortening.  I brought out my serger from the closet and was soon finished the project.  Perfect, I was ready to clear the table of anything that wasn’t going to be used for the novel work. 

Then I cast my eye on the sewing machine which sits in the ready to use position on a cabinet that folds down into a mini desk.  That looked useful.  I could sit at that with my laptop if it were cleared.  Could I actually pack the sewing machine away beside the serger?  How often do I use it, really? 

The answer came less than three weeks later.  First some blue jeans that I hemmed for my husband came back to be redone.  I’d flipped the current hem up and sewed, instead of cutting that hem off, serging the edge and sewing that down.  The bulk of the doubled doubled hem was too much to slip into a boot.  Then another friend had a recreational mending job for me.  I could have done the hemming project better to start with and I could have said no to my friend's request, but apparently the sewing machine calls out to me more often than I realized.

A creative recycle too.

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Simple Truths

Simple truths should be simple.  And the simple truth is….ta dah…. They aren’t. 

Black is black.  Nope.  Nor is white, white. 

Same thing with whether something is right or wrong?  This depends entirely on your interpretation which depends entirely on your knowledge, your attitude, your ability to keep things in proportion and that depends on entirely too many other things. 

So while there are times when I end up asking if I’m crazy or the other person is, the simple truth is neither of us.

Another simple truth is that figuring it all out is a lifetime project.  I’m in.  Are you?



Monday, December 11, 2017

Good Enough


I’ve always felt a little ashamed when I’ve said something is good enough, after all, I could do better.  Recently I’ve been asking myself why should I go that extra mile? 
Nothing much happens after I’ve reached the good enough point.  No extra bonus is given for having a perfectly clean and sparkling house.  I can say this even though I am usually behind with some aspect of cleaning.  It will be done but I have no intention of pushing for perfection. 

When it comes to menus, people will even moan and complain if the food is too good.  If my accountant calls and needs a few things straightened out, it isn’t worth losing sleep over. 
What I realize is that if I spend any more time and effort than is necessary on the ordinary things in my life, then I’m stealing time away from the things that matter to me.  So good enough is going to be good enough. 

Friday, December 8, 2017

What's My Style?

As a woman who is sixty plus, of modest means, and with a few figure flaws, I decided that I needed a sense of style. It might surprise you that I hadn't thought of this before. 

It was the cute and little black leather jacket that I wasn’t wearing that prompted this wardrobe wonder.  What exactly is wrong?  I’ve bought into the idea that classic could satisfy any need but it wasn’t working. 

The little black leather jacket posed a big problem, too expensive to give away and a real shame if it simply hung in the closet.  I contemplated it.  I tried on different clothes and then topped them off with the jacket.  I looked deep into the mirror.  Well, it’s too harsh, I finally decided.  What was I to do about that? 

The answer and I had to really think before I got the scissors, was to cut two slits in each lapel; one high and one low. Then I threaded a silk scarf through the slits.  The scarf added color and softness (the opposite of harsh) and was held loosely in place.  I don’t like to fiddle with my accessories while I wear them.  It works.  I can use different scarves for different looks. First style decision is made.
Bold Casual?

Then I decided that since I cannot change my shoes from my extreme comfort almost a prescription pair, it would be just fine if I added jewelry more often.  That is a second style decision.  For the winter season I tend to wear soft cardigan/jackets over sleeveless printed tanks; that’s a style, isn’t it?

Meanwhile I am reading about wardrobe planning because I want to know what to look for in the stores that I will wear and like.  Since my style isn’t exactly a classic and I certainly cannot claim up-to-the-minute chic, what was I?

In the end I chose as my guide the words from a little story I wrote when the main character thought, “all I had to do is find one good look and go from there”.  My style?  It is perhaps Soft Classic, or Modest BoHo, maybe Bold Casual?  I like what I like, so if I see something that will add to what I already own, I’m good.  I call it Sixty Plus Creative.  Why not?   


Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Double Booked

I’ve done it again.  And I swore that I would be more careful about double booking myself.  Here’s what I do so far.  I take the calendar down, when I am booking an appointment.  I write almost everything down that I plan to do, especially if it involves travel, or other people.  I’ve learnt to check the dates before we buy tickets – an in-town activity with my calendar –which lives at home.  This was one prime situation where we could be double booked.  

Now I have another.  When the end of the month falls mid-week and we are planning the weekend events, it pays to flip that calendar, and doubly so when the plan is casual and just for us.  Let’s go to the matinee movie on Saturday, my husband suggested, and we could even drop into the trade fair.  Sure.  That’s a good idea.  That plan lasted for several days until I realized that I’ve made all day Saturday plans to travel to a bridal shower.  

I have another place where I have to double check so I won’t be double booked.  I hope they have a matinee on Sunday.  But I'll have to double check my calendar, before I make that plan.